Kevington, Victoria, Australia

Sunday 5 July 2015

'In the Goldrush Era in the 1860's, John and Mary Garrett travelled from Beechworth to the new find in the Upper Goulbourn Valley. They established themselves at a place then known as Macs Creek. In 1862 they opened on the banks of the Goulbourn River a beerhouse, simply known as Garretts Beerhouse.

As time went by, the beerhouse became known as the Kevington Hotel, as trade had been very good allowing John and Mary to establish the Hotel into a permanent stopover with accommodation available.

The Kevington Hotel is the last remaining example of a hotel built in the goldrush era of the 1860's in the Upper Goulbourn region.' [] (1368)

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Bermagui, New South Wales, Australia

Saturday 4 July 2015

'In 1933, Bermagui hit the world stage with a black marlin being caught near Montague Island and a big game anglers club was established hosting big game fishermen from around the world. The warm currents in Spring and Summer still bring marlin and yellowfin tuna close to the coast but the practice of
tag and release is encouraged today.

One of the most notable big game figures to arrive in Bermagui was American author of 'American Westerns', Zane Grey. Grey wrote of his experiences at Bermagui in many articles that he published world wide and in his book, 'An American Angler in Australia' (1937). He was patron of the Bermagui Sport Fishing Association for 1936/37 and anchored his yacht, the 'Avalon' in Horseshoe Bay.' [] (1367)

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Split Point, Victoria, Australia

Friday 3 July 2015

'Some ten shipwrecks prior to 1890 along the Surf Coast prompted authorities to plan the lighthouse. Construction started in late 1890 and the lighthouse was illuminated in September 1891.

The tower design is modelled on that of a chimney as this structure promotes air flow from the base to the top. This greater air flow made the kerosene (and later, acetylene) flame shine brighter. Originally called Eagles Nest Point, it was renamed Split Point in 1913.' [] (1366)

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Breamlea, Victoria, Australia

Thursday 2 July 2015

Just a quick snap for tonight's photo. A view through the dunes to the sea at the lovely Breamlea beach. It was taken late afternoon, but not late enough to get the more attractive colours in the sky. It does however show the water at it's best and a few puffy clouds provide an interest in the sky. (1365)

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Boydtown, New South Wales, Australia

Wednesday 1 July 2015

'Although built as a lighthouse, this tower was only ever used as a lookout tower for whale spotting.

Boyds Tower, originally designed as a lighthouse by Benjamin Boyd, was built in 1847.

Boyd was a well known entrepreneur of the time who also built nearby Boydtown - he also had interests in both he whaling and shipping industries as well as owning vast grazing properties on the Monaro and in the Riverina.

Following the failure of Boyd's financial empire, Boyd's tower was taken over by the Davidson family who used it to spot whales for their whaling operations at Kiah Inlet. During season, the tower was manned daily and when a whale was observed, boat crews were alerted with a gunshot. Twenty metres tall, the tower is surrounded by the sea on three sides.' [] (1364)

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